After 13 years of activity, the Valley is now featuring 38 crags and about 1.200 climbing routes. A significant effort is constantly put into maintaining the crags, bolting and rebolting new and old routes, and keeping the access paths clean and in good conditions. That's why, since 2012, these tasks are under the commitment of a nonprofit association called Rocpennavaire. Some of the newest crags, that are not yet included in the official"Oltrefinale"climbing guide are Cineplex, Erboristeria Alta, Granaio, Acquario, Guggenheim, Tortuga, Marvel, Salvadanaio, Galera and Famiglia. In addition, we bolted over 150 fresh routes in old crags, and restyled Basura, Telematica, Caprette, Erboristeria Bassa and Reunion. Terminal is the gem of the Valley. In Terminal, we restyled over 70 routes and recently added, on its far right side, 27 new overhanging routes, which make Terminal a good spot
for raining days. To conclude, Cineplex is currently the biggest crag with 110 routes. Its shady exposition makes it suitable for warm summer days, where other crags don't have the right friction. Cineplex featured the first 8c of the Valley. You find further information in the "Bar Neva" of Cisano, either on the climbing board or in the short paper-made guides, which are sold individually at 5 euros. The proceeds is solely used to buy new climbing equipment like bolts, anchors and carabiners.   For more information have a look to the italian version.