About Us

Roc Pennavaire is an association duly constituted with certificate of incorporation date d3rd of March 2012.

The aim of the association is to promote rock-climbing in the Pennavaire Valley.

All this mean to equip new cliff, to upkeep the existing one, to clean the paths to the cliff.

We are asking you therefore to support us by joining our association by paying an annual contribution of 20 euros. Being a member of our association you will not have to undertake any committer or have any personal responsibility . You will have our gratitude and the possibility to have cliff always nicer and more secure.

If you like to become a partner of the Association contact us at or do it online!

Associazione ROC PENNAVAIRE con sede legale nel Comune di Busalla (GE) Via/Piazza Dovese 4

e sede operativa nel comune di  Albenga (SV)

Cod. Fiscale  95158240101